Revealing the Attack Operations Targeting Japan by Shusei Tomonaga & Yuu Nakamura – CODE BLUE 2015


Japan is recently experiencing a rise in targeted attacks. However, it is rare that details of such attacks are revealed. Under this circumstance, JPCERT/CC has been investigating the attack operations targeting Japanese organizations including the government and leading enterprises. We have especially been tracking two distinct cases over a prolonged period.
The first case, which became public in 2015, drew nationwide attention for victimizing several Japanese organizations. In this case, the attacker conducts sophisticated attacks through network intrusion and targeting weak points of the organizations.
The second case has been continuously targeting certain Japanese organizations since 2013. Although this case has not drawn as much attention, the attacker has advanced techniques and uses various interesting attack methods.
This presentation will introduce the above two attack operations, including attack techniques we revealed through prolonged investigation, the malware/tools being used, as well as useful techniques/tools for analyzing related malware.